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"Over the years your welcoming staff has helped our senior community with their denture needs. You are truly our heroes and we are very grateful for that!"
- Charlesgate Center, Rhode Island


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*Contact us at 1-888-349-6695 for detailed estimate.

Denture Repair Service by Mail

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Broken Dentures Repair  Cracked Partial Repair  Fractured Flexible Partial Repair
Denture Repair

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Duplicate Denture

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Teeth Repair

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Missing Tooth Repairs  Spare Copy Denture  Denture Cleaning
Partial Repair

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Denture Cleaning

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Denture Repair Lab: Your Source For Quick,

Efficient Denture Repair On Site

Denture Repair Lab is a full-service certified dental laboratory serving dental professionals all over the United States. Now, we are pleased to offer same day denture repair services to the public at the same low cost offered to dentists and dental professionals. When it comes to health and appearance, you shouldn’t trust your denture repair to just any company. Rather, it pays to choose your denture repair specialist based on training, experience and the most advanced resources available. At our modern facility, we strive to meet and exceed your every expectation by providing a wide variety of high quality denture repair services to our customers. Our team of managers, dentists and certified dental technicians will ensure consistent quality standards and our friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives are always ready to assist you with your denture repair.

Need To Repair Dentures?

Denture Repair Lab Is Your Source For

Top-Notch Denture Repair

At Denture Repair Lab, we provide the fastest and highest quality denture repair services in the industry. Every denture repair is completed the same day at our facility under the strict supervision of dental professionals with more than 20 years of experience. Your dental prosthesis will not be forwarded anywhere for a repair, guaranteed! It will be handled directly by the experienced team at our dental laboratory. Our highly qualified and trained dental technicians not only repair dentures that are broken, but we also fabricate hundreds of dentures and partials every week. We are not a “middle man” company; we are America’s largest denture repair lab. You can rely on us for your denture repair!

Denture Repair Lab provides customers with the unique opportunity to receive professional, fast and affordable denture repair service in the confidence of their home. Need to repair a tooth on your dentures? Or perhaps you're simply looking for top-notch denture cleaning and polishing? Either way, we offer a wide range of denture and teeth repair services to keep your prosthesis feeling clean and comfortable! We now proudly offer the following services:

  • Overdenture Repair
  • Partial or Full Dentures with Implants Repair
  • Cu-Sil Dentures and Partials Repair
  • Dentures with Attachments Repair

For more information about our denture repair or any of our services, contact our Customer Service department at 1-888-349-6695.


Denture Repair Lab Has The Solution To Fix Dentures

If you need a trusted name to repair or fix dentures, you can count on Denture Repair Lab. We provide full and partial denture repair at the low price of $79 with FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING! At Denture Repair Lab, we offer a complete line of quality teeth repair services, including: denture repair, partials, flexible partials, Valpast repair, denture fracture, chipped dentures, cracked dentures, broken teeth, denture repair kit glue removal, and hard night guard repair.

At Denture Repair Lab, we understand that your denture repair needs are urgent! That's why we provide overnight emergency denture repairs, mail in denture repair, duplicate dentures , copied dentures, as well as professional denture cleaning and polishing. Our services are both cost effective and timely. More importantly, we use only the best and most reliable ADA approved materials. If you need to fix dentures, home denture repair and denture repair kits are not recommended. Instead, turn to Denture Repair Lab, where we have been providing quality denture and teeth repair services since 1998. For your convenience, we will mail back your dentures on the same day we receive your broken denture - it's that simple!

Contact Us Today

For a limited time only, we are offering FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING (a $26.00 value) on your denture repair. Contact us today to learn how we can repair dentures that have sustained even the toughest damage! Denture Repair Lab will ship your repaired denture back to you the same day we receive your broken denture (U.S. customers only, international customers must call for a shipping quote).

All of the images on this website are real cases done by Denture Repair Lab.


* Due to complicity of repair, flexible partials can be repaired in three business days.

*Valid on denture repair services only. Denture products / accessories not included in free shipping promotion.

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