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Denture repair glue is not effective for permanent broken denture repair
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"My husband broke his upper denture and I scheduled an appointment to our dentist. They told us to fix the denture it would cost $300. Thank God for TV commercials! I saw your commercial on TV and called right away! You did a wonderful job and saved us more than $200!"
- Mary Ann, Texas


Additional Services:

check mark Overdenture Repair
check mark O-Ring Replacement
check mark Mini Implant Dentures Repair
check mark Cu-Sil Dentures Repair
check mark Dentures w/ Attachments Repair
check mark Night Guard Repair

*Contact us at 1-888-349-6695 for detailed estimate.

Denture Repair

Free Overnight Shipping*
Free Shipping Both Ways*
Free Shipping on Duplicate Dentures*
30 Day Warranty* 

Full Denture Repair
(Upper or Lower)


No matter how good you taking care of your dentures, you may still need a denture repair at some point. Biting down on hard foods may cause denture to crack. You can accidently drop it in the sink splitting denture in half or your dog may get a hold of them and bite some pieces off. Do not panic! We will help you to restore your broken denture and give you your great-looking smile back in no time.

A denture may require many types of repairs over the years. The good thing is that a denture wearer does not have to spend their money on buying a new set every time dentures break. Denture Repair Lab provides all types of denture repair same day and you don’t have to wait for a week to get your denture back, as dentures will be mailed back to you with complimentary overnight mail.

Using Glue on Denture is Not Recommended!

Many people attempt to self-repair their dentures by using denture repair kit, superglue or other adhesives. Repairing a denture is a complex procedure which involves expertise, special materials and equipment. If you think you can glue a broken denture back into place that is a very risky thought.  You will damage the denture even more than it is right now and wind up having to spend more or to the point that it will become unrepairable. Our lab technicians are specially trained and have many years of experience to restore all types of dental appliances.  At Denture Repair Lab we use leading high impact denture acrylic, which exceeds expectations in patient comfort and natural aesthetics, Cadmium and Phthalate Free. Also we offer heavy-duty metal wire reinforcement in denture fractures repair to help protect your dentures against future breaks.

So How it Works?

Collect all the pieces of the broken denture in a zip lock bag. Wrap zip lock bag with couple of layers of bubble wrap or paper towels. Complete and print out Order Form and included with you broken denture. Print Free Shipping Label and attach it to the package that you will use to mail in your broken denture. Take the package to your local Post Office and give it to Post Office Clerk. Once your denture is received and inspected we will contact you to confirm your order. Denture will be repaired and mailed back same day with complimentary USPS Priority Express overnight.

No Time to Wait?

Send your broken dentures with overnight mail to us. Once your denture is received and inspected we will contact you to confirm your order. Denture will be repaired and mailed back same day with complimentary USPS Priority Express overnight.

Additional Services:

check mark Overdenture Repair / O-Ring Replacement*
check mark Mini Implant Dentures Repair*
check mark Cu-Sil Dentures Repair*
check mark Dentures w/ Attachments Repair*
check mark Night Guard Repair

*Please contact us at 1-888-349-6695 to obtain complete pricing information on the repair cost of the above dental appliances.

Once you select “Order Online”, you will have the ability to customize your broken denture repair order or add additional services, like:

check mark Denture Repair Glue Removal
check mark Number of Denture Breaks/ Fractures
check mark Reinforcement of the Denture w/ Heavy-Duty Metal Wire
check mark Professional Cleaning & Polishing
check mark Repair Warranty
check mark Duplicate Denture

Dentures are mailed back same day we get your broken denture!

Most of our customers order a duplicate denture, while their denture is being repaired. Put your worries behind you and order COMFORTABLE DUPLICATE of your original denture today! You can wear it in case your original denture brakes. A lot of people even prefer our duplicate denture over the original. No visit to the dentist required.


*Free overnight shipping for a limited time! We will ship your repaired denture back to you same day we receive your broken denture.(US only, customers from other countries must call for shipping quote)

* Due to complicity of repair, flexible partials can be repaired in three business days.

*Valid on denture repair services only. Denture products / accessories not included in free shipping promotion.


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