Maintain Your Oral Health with Professional Denture Cleaning and Polishing

Denture Plaque Can Cause Serious Oral and Digestive Issues

Denture teeth are just as susceptible to the destructive effects of denture plaque as natural teeth. Once denture plaque hardens into calculus, it can present an irresistible invitation to bacterial problems, gum disease and irritations, and a range of digestive problems. The American Heart Association warns that bacteria found on dentures may also affect the heart and contribute to heart disease.

Semi-Annual Professional Cleaning and Polishing Can Help

Semi-annual professional denture cleaning and polishing will help to maintain your oral health and appearance. Our range of services is available for all types of removable prosthetics, including acrylic dentures and dental partials, flexible partials, flippers, and night guards. Professional denture cleaning will remove denture glue or denture self-repair kits you may have used to self-repair your broken denture.

Opt for Professional Cleaning Instead of DIY Solutions

Do not soak dentures with denture tablets or denture cleaning solutions to remove denture stains, instead send your denture for a professional denture cleaning and polishing. You will be glad you did! Your denture will look like new.

Quick Turnaround and Convenient Shipping

We understand how hard it is for you to be without your dentures. Therefore, professional cleaning is completed the same day, and your denture is mailed back to you with complimentary USPS Priority Mail. You will receive a tracking number via email.

Check Your Dental Insurance Coverage

Every dental insurance coverage varies in terms of the extent of services provided. Some provide full coverage for denture cleaning and polishing, while others offer partial coverage. Check with your insurance provider to learn your options. You may need to provide them with a detailed Denture Repair Lab receipt as proof of dental service to get reimbursement. Also, many of our customers have used their HSA/FSA accounts to pay for professional denture cleaning and polishing.

Choose our professional denture cleaning and polishing service to maintain your oral health and keep your dentures looking like new.


Please DO NOT send in your denture boxes, dental containers, or any other containers along with your dentures/partials since they will not be returned due to shipping weight restrictions.

Disclaimer: While Denture Repair Lab is dedicated to delivering quality dental appliance repairs, we cannot guarantee the fit of your appliance post-repair. As you are not present during repairs and oral health situations can change, we advise consulting a dental professional to ensure both fit and oral health. Our service focuses solely on repair, not oral examinations. By using our service, you agree that immediate repair is reasonable and that a licensed dentist reviews your case.

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Denture Cleaning & Polishing

To effectively remove tartar buildup on dentures and dental partials, relying solely on over-the-counter denture cleaners won't suffice. Opting for professional denture cleaning and polishing services is the solution to eliminate most stains and tartar buildup on dentures and denture teeth. Tartar buildup on dentures is often noticeable between the teeth and on the sides of dentures as a vanilla-colored crust, similar to the type of tartar that dentists remove from natural teeth. We accept HSA/FSA cards and can help with dental insurance reimbursement. Our range of services includes denture cleaning and polishing, dental partial cleaning, denture stain removal, denture teeth cleaning, denture glue and adhesive removal.

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