Partial Denture Repair Services: Keep Your Smile Intact

Are you in need of affordable and dependable partial denture repair services? Denture Repair Lab is your solution. Our team of specialists can handle a range of issues with your partial dentures, such as breaks, cracks, chipped teeth, and broken clasps. With proper care, partial dentures made with a plastic base or metal framework can last for years. Yet, they are susceptible to damage over time. That’s where we come in - Denture Repair Lab provides various dental repairs, including replacing broken clasps or repairing cracked or chipped teeth. Trust us to restore your partial dentures to their original condition.

Same-day Dental Repair Service

Looking for a fast and reliable partial denture repair service? We understand the importance of your partial denture and offer same-day repairs. As soon as we receive your damaged denture, our experts inspect it, complete all necessary repairs, and mail it back to you with complimentary USPS Priority Mail. Trust us to get you smiling again in no time!

Does Dental Insurance cover partial denture repair services?

Every dental insurance coverage varies in terms of the extent of services provided. There are those that provide full coverage for partial denture repair or flipper repair. Some offer partial coverage. Check with your insurance provider to learn your options. You may need to provide them with a detailed Denture Repair Lab receipt as proof of dental repair service to get reimbursement. Also, many of our customers have used their HSA/FSA accounts to restore their partial dentures.

Can you use superglue to repair partial dentures?

No, superglue is toxic and cannot be used orally. Superglue or denture self-repair kits are not recommended, as they can permanently damage partial dentures beyond repair. Instead, rely on Denture Repair Lab to make professional repairs.


To get started, complete a simple order form, and mail your broken denture with our free USPS shipping label. Once we receive and inspect it, we will contact you to confirm your order and billing information. Your denture will be repaired and mailed back the same day, with complementary USPS Priority Mail or upgrade to USPS Express for $30.


Please do not send in any valuable containers or boxes with your denture, as they will not be returned due to shipping weight restrictions.

Disclaimer: While Denture Repair Lab is dedicated to delivering quality dental appliance repairs, we cannot guarantee the fit of your appliance post-repair. As you are not present during repairs and oral health situations can change, we advise consulting a dental professional to ensure both fit and oral health. Our service focuses solely on repair, not oral examinations. By using our service, you agree that immediate repair is reasonable and that a licensed dentist reviews your case.

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I'm smiling again!

Thank you for fixing the flipper. It took only a few days to return. I'm smiling again. Great service. I appreciate it. Thank you!!!



My partial repair

I received my partial that you repaired and I just want to say what a great job was done. Your workmanship, customer service and quick repair time were all top notch and professional. They look and feel great. Thank you very much.



Very satisfied

I am very satisfied with the total experience. Good work on my partial. Good price and very professional. Thank you!



Amazingly comfortable

Truth in advertising! Your are all that plus more. Quick, efficient plus professional. the partial is amazingly comfortable. Thank you!



A life-saver

I just returned from the North Providence office and cannot tell youhow thrilled I am with the excellent service I received. My partial was repaired in less than 2 hrs and it's cleaner and much nicer than it was when I brought it in. The technician was professional, personable and a life-saver for me as my teeth have always been a problem. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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Partial Repair

When your partial denture is cracked or broken, do not attempt to fix it yourself with glue, as this can cause irreparable damage. Instead, trust our experienced team to repair and reinforce your partial with metal mesh for added support. We offer urgent repair services for a range of dental partials, including bridges, metal clasps, and flipper dentures. We accept HSA/FSA cards and can assist with insurance reimbursement. Contact us for a fast, affordable, and high-quality partial denture repair.

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