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Six Reasons Why You Should Get Duplicate Dentures

Six Reasons Why You Should Get Duplicate Dentures

Accidents Happen

Although you can expect your well-made dentures to last a long time, accidents do happen. A bit of bad luck can crack dentures just like teeth. Biting down on something hard in the wrong way can damage even the best dentures. Dentures may become more brittle over time, and more likely to break. Dentures can be damaged in other ways, too. Dogs have been known to run off with dentures and chew them. Grandchildren may accidentally damage them. In case something happens, you want to have a backup set handy. You don’t want to be without your teeth while your primary set is repaired or replaced.

Dentures Become Stained

Your old dentures may have become stained over the years. Coffee, tea and cigarettes are the major source of staining, but simple use and wear can make your dentures look yellowed and dull over time. A new set can be made with a brighter color that will lighten up your smile. You can choose exactly the shade you prefer, and then keep the old set as your back-up. You might not even realize how dull your old dentures have gotten until you see what a new set looks like.

Denture technology is changing all the time

Today’s dentures are made with new, high-quality acrylic that may not have been available when you first got your dentures. There may be other options to consider, too, like a greater choice of color to better match your existing teeth.

You may lose your Dentures

It’s not unusual to misplace dentures occasionally. If you are traveling or are in the hospital, it’s easy to lose them. If you do a lot of traveling, you should take an extra set with you. If anything were to happen when you’re out of town or out of the country, you’ll be relieved to have that duplicate set.

Added Layer of Support

Duplicate dentures are life-savers for those in nursing homes, assisted-living facilities or those with disabilities. If it’s difficult to get to a dentist’s office, then a duplicate set is good to have. Just knowing that you have it available will save you a lot of stress if the primary set is lost or damaged. For people with dementia or Alzheimer’s, it’s very common to lose dentures or even to throw them out. In these cases, it’s especially important to have a backup set.

Peace of Mind

Duplicate dentures offer peace of mind for caretakers and adult children taking care of their elderly parents or grandparents. If your parent or grandparent loses or breaks their dentures and does not have an extra set immediately available, it could cause them distress or anxiety. They are used to seeing themselves with an attractive smile. Knowing that there’s a backup set available can avoid any added stress.

Just as you wouldn’t go driving without a spare tire in the trunk, you shouldn’t go another day without a duplicate set of dentures. As Benjamin Franklin famously said, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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