The most common damage to dentures is broken denture teeth. Even though denture teeth are constructed from advanced and durable acrylic material, they are also delicate. If dentures are dropped and land on one of the teeth in just the right way, or if you bite down on something hard in just the right – or wrong – angle, denture teeth can easily break, crack or even pop off. Older dentures may be more likely to suffer this kind of damage because years of wear can make them more fragile.

Replacing missing denture teeth poses two challenges. First, of course, the replaced denture tooth must be firm and secure. But the aesthetics are crucial. The replaced denture tooth must match the remaining ones. At Denture Repair Lab, we understand the importance of feeling confident and secure about your smile. And actually, it’s more than just your smile. Your dentures are part of your face, your expression. People look at your eyes and your mouth as you speak, and a great denture presents your best face possible.

You want good-looking dentures that seem totally natural. If you need to have denture teeth repair, the last thing you want are denture teeth that don’t match the others in color, size or shape. We would never allow that to happen. Our experienced dental technicians use lifelike, durable composite denture teeth, designed for the optimum in functionality and aesthetics. We have thousands of teeth in stock and will match the shade and shape of the missing or broken teeth, so your dentures will look just as beautiful as the day you first got them!

We know how hard it is for you to be without your dentures. So, we complete all repairs on the very same day and mail it back to you with complimentary USPS Priority Mail or you can upgrade to USPS Express for only $25. We will provide the tracking number to you. All our repairs are backed with a 30-day warranty on materials and workmanship.

Common denture teeth repair questions:

Can you fix a chipped tooth on dentures?

Yes chipped tooth on dentures can be repaired or replaced with new denture tooth. You do not even need to visit a dentist. Just mail your denture with broken tooth to Denture Repair Lab. If you are missing teeth on your denture, new teeth can be added to your denture. Denture will be repaired same day and mailed back with complimentary USPS Priority Mail.

Can you glue your teeth back in?

No, you cannot glue your teeth back in your denture. Superglue is toxic and cannot be used orally. Loose denture teeth can be repaired professionally by Denture Repair Lab without using toxic superglue.

Can a tooth be replaced on denture?

Broken or chipped denture tooth can be replaced with a new acrylic or porcelain denture tooth. At Denture Repair Lab we carry multiple types and shades of replacement false teeth and will match a new denture tooth as close as possible to the original denture tooth.

How to fix a tooth that fell out of dentures?

A tooth that fell out of denture or a loose tooth can be re-attached back to the denture professionally or if the denture tooth is damaged it can be replaced with a new denture tooth.

How to fix a broken denture tooth at home?

We highly recommend not attempting any denture teeth self-repair at home. Self-repair materials provide only temporary solutions and will damage denture acrylic and can make denture unrepairable.

How do you fix a chipped tooth without going to the dentist?

Chipped tooth can be fixed without going to the dentist. Follow these simple steps to fix a chipped tooth:

  • Print and complete denture teeth repair order form
  • Package denture inside of a plastic box or several layers of bubble wrap
  • Mail denture for a professional denture teeth repair using USPS, FedEx or UPS to Denture Repair Lab 541 Newport Ave Pawtucket RI 02861


Mail-in your broken denture along with your information to us. Once your denture is received and inspected we will contact you to confirm your order. Denture will be repaired and mailed back same day with complimentary USPS Priority Mail or upgrade to USPS Express for $30. To expedite turnaround time send your broken dentures with overnight mail to us.

Please DO NOT send in your "favorite" denture boxes, dental containers or any other containers that have a value to you, along with your dentures/partials, since it will not be returned due to shipping weight restrictions.

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New teeth

Really happy with the outcome of fixing my plate, with two new teeth. The way you got them back to me ASAP. Thanks a lot - they look really good!



Service was great!

Your service was great! Quick shipping! Can't tell where they had been broken! Good Job!




Thank you so much! Excellent work! i am so greatful for your service. Will use you again if I need teeth repair. Thank you!!



Highly recommended !!!

I would like to tell you what a good job you done on fixing my teeth. I thought they could not be fixed, since I had them fixed before. I will recommend you to anyone in need of teeth repair. My son from Colorado used your services and told me about you. Thank you for your service.



Teeth repair

You did a great job on my teeth repair. Thanks!



Excellent work . .

Repaired upper denture broken in half & replaced one tooth. Looked brand new!

I also ordered a duplicate denture, which fits precisely like the other one and looks great. Very pleased.



My teeth are beautiful!

I can't thank you enough for the efficient and wonderful service I received. My teeth are beautiful!




Your website is amazing and so informative. Your staff is so helpful and friendly. Your prices are unbelievable. My tooth is beautiful. This is the way business should be done. Thank you a thousand time!!!



It fits perfectly!

Thank you so very much! I'm extremely pleased with my partial. It fits perfectly and you would never know a tooth had to be replaced. Thank you!



Great job!

The replacement of the tooth was unnoticeable. Great job. Quick service.

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Teeth Repair

Denture teeth repair is needed when denture tooth is lost or denture teeth are broken. Cracked denture teeth must be repaired professionally. Denture tooth repair glue will only damage the denture or dental partial. Whether you’re missing denture tooth or have chipped denture teeth, Denture Repair Lab can help. New denture teeth can be added to dental partial dentures.

Urgent denture teeth repairs include

  • Denture broken tooth repair
  • Denture chipped teeth replacement
  • Dental partial cracked tooth repairs
  • Denture lost tooth repair
  • Denture missing teeth replacement

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