Denture technology is improving all the time. Flexible partials are a relatively new development in denture materials. With flexibles, the teeth are attached to a slightly flexible, gum-colored base which extends to make the clasps. They offer a metal-free alternative to partial denture wearers.

Because this special type of partial dentures can bend and flex, they do resist fracture or breakage. But they are not indestructible. Because of the special nature of the materials, repairing flexible partial dentures requires extra skill. At Denture Repair Lab, we have professional, experienced dental technicians on our staff who are highly skilled in working with these new materials. They use special techniques and the best quality components to repair your flexible partial dentures. We repair all kinds of flexible partials, such as Valplast, TCS, Flexite, and others.

If you need to replace a missing tooth or repair a chipped tooth on your flexible partial, contact our Customer Service for more details.

We know how hard it is for you to be without your flexible partial dentures. So, we guarantee that all repairs will be completed on the same day we receive them. We then mail it back to you with our complimentary USPS Priority Mail or you can upgrade to USPS Express for only $10. We will provide the tracking number for you. All flexible partial repairs are backed with a 30-day warranty on materials and workmanship.


Just complete a simple order form, and mail your broken denture along with your information (or online order confirmation) to us, using the free USPS shipping label we will provide. Once your denture is received and inspected, we will contact you to confirm your order and obtain billing information. Your denture will be repaired and mailed back the very same day with complimentary USPS Priority Mail or upgrade to USPS Express for $30. To expedite turnaround time, send your broken dentures with overnight mail to us.

Please DO NOT send in your "favorite" denture boxes, dental containers or any other containers that have a value to you, along with your dentures/partials, since it will not be returned due to shipping weight restrictions.

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5+ stars! I needed 2 new front teeth added to my Flex partial following extractions.
Denture Repair Lab is Close to Massachusetts, I called and was given appointment for next day.
Three hours later- I Left with a smile, and I just can not thank them enough!

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Flexible Partial Repair

Flexible partial denture repair is needed when flexible partial cracked or broken. Valplast partial teeth considered being unbreakable, but that’s not really true. Even with flexi partial dentures, accidents happen. There is no denture glue that can fix flexible dental partials. Do not panic, flexible partial dentures can be repaired! Contact us for urgent flexible partial repair service.

Common flexible dental partial repairs include

  • Valplast dental partial crack repair
  • Flexible partial denture repair
  • Flexite partial teeth repairs
  • Denture flexi plate repair
  • Flexible flipper broken tooth repair

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