Duplicate Denture Service: Get Your Emergency Denture Now

As anyone with dentures can attest, it's not a matter of "if" they break, but "when." Breaking your dentures can be a stressful experience, causing discomfort and incurring significant costs. Our Duplicate Denture service provides an exact replica of your original denture, ensuring that you never have to face the world without your teeth.

Custom-created to match your original denture, our Duplicate Dentures offer the perfect fit and require no adjustment. Made of high-quality and strength acrylic, the same material used for regular dentures, our duplicate dentures are durable and long-lasting.

Emergency Dentures That Restore Your Confidence

Our Duplicate Dentures, also known as copy dentures, denture clones, or spare dentures, serve as an "emergency denture" to avoid the embarrassment of being without your teeth or being unable to eat. Our customers prefer our Duplicate Dentures over their original dentures because they're comfortable, require no adjustment, and provide peace of mind.

Fast and Hassle-Free Duplicate Denture Services

At Denture Repair Lab, we know how stressful it can be to go without your dentures, which is why we take impressions for your duplicate denture on the same day. We even offer complimentary USPS Priority Mail shipping for your original denture, with the option to upgrade to USPS Express for just $30. You'll receive a tracking number via email and a 30-day warranty on all materials and workmanship.

Insurance and Payment Options for Duplicate Dentures

Dental insurance coverage for denture repair or replacement varies by provider. Some dental insurance policies offer full or partial coverage for duplicate dentures or duplicate partial dentures. Check with your insurance provider to see what your options are. Many of our customers have used their HSA/FSA accounts to pay for their Duplicate Dentures or Duplicate Partial Dentures.

Note that not all partial dentures can be duplicated. If you're unsure whether your partial denture can be duplicated, contact us for more information. Partial dentures containing metal clasps can only be duplicated without clasps.

Don't risk being without your dentures in an emergency. Order your comfortable and reliable Duplicate Denture today! Please avoid sending your dentures in your favorite containers, as we cannot return them due to shipping weight restrictions.

Disclaimer: While Denture Repair Lab is dedicated to delivering quality dental appliance repairs, we cannot guarantee the fit of your appliance post-repair. As you are not present during repairs and oral health situations can change, we advise consulting a dental professional to ensure both fit and oral health. Our service focuses solely on repair, not oral examinations. By using our service, you agree that immediate repair is reasonable and that a licensed dentist reviews your case.

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Speed. Knowledge. Comprehensive Services.

My duplicate denture fits and looks better than original. Customer service folks are experienced experts at simply and clearly giving options & costs. Turnaround time is an essential element. Highly recommended.




My dentures were fixed better than what they were originally.
Really good work with good materials.



It fits and looks better than original!

I am very happy to have found your company which delivered as promised an excellent and professional service promptly at an affordable cost. Thank you so much for your help!



I'm impressed!!!

I was very nervous and leary about sending my only set of dentures across the country. Denture repair lab did exactly what they said they would. Everything was done as scheduled. I was so happy to get my teeth back. They looked brand new and felt even better. I can't wait until I get my duplicate dentures. I will recommend everyone to you. I'm so thankful to have found you on line. Thank you again!!!



Honest & Upfront!

Friendly and honest I am so glad to look into going there and working with them!



A happy customer

Thank you for your excellent service. A special thank you to Lena. You really know how to keep a customer happy.



Will use again

Great service!!! Will use again and refer to family and friends.



A very good job!

Last month I send my moms dentures to your lab to be repaired and duplicated - she is 80 years old and very conscious without them. I was very skeptical of sending dentures across the country. However when the rep called and confirmed the order and stated that we would have the original denture back in a day, I could not believe. I received them within the promised time and my mom loves the duplicate. Thank you for doing such a good job!



Simply impressed

Very impressed with the workmanship and fast turnaround time. Thank you!



Fit better

The crack in my denture and missing tooth fixed beautifully. They look cleaner and better. Got the other set made by you and these are even better looking, whiter and fit better. Thank you! Thank you!



My new teeth

Thank you for the beautiful teeth you made for me, and the repair you made on the other one. My new teeth are better than the original one you repaired. They feel better than the original one even did. We will gladly refer you to our family and friends. There should be more labs like yours. It was a little difficult for my husband to find you. Thank God he did. Thank you again!



High quality

Fit is snug and good. Excellent service & very good turnaround time.

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Duplicate Dentures

Our duplicate denture service offers an exact copy of your original denture made of high-quality acrylic, also known as copy denture or spare denture. This service can prepare you for unexpected accidents and help you avoid the discomfort and embarrassment of being without teeth. We accept HSA/FSA cards and assist with dental insurance reimbursement.

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