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    Flexible partial denture repair is needed when flexible partial cracked or broken. Valplast partial teeth considered being unbreakable, but that’s not really true. Even with flexi partial dentures, accidents happen. There is no denture glue that can fix flexible dental partials. Do not panic, flexible partial dentures can be repaired! Contact us for...

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    Denture teeth repair is needed when denture tooth is lost or denture teeth are broken. Cracked denture teeth must be repaired professionally. Denture tooth repair glue will only damage the denture or dental partial. Whether you’re missing denture tooth or have chipped denture teeth, Denture Repair Lab can help. New denture teeth can be added to dental...

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    Duplicate denture is the exact copy of your original denture – same size and same shape. Duplicate denture is also known as copy denture, denture clone or spare denture. Our duplicate dentures are made of highest quality and strength acrylic. Dentures usually break at the worst time. Be prepared before the accident occurs and save yourself the discomfort...

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    Over-the-counter denture cleaners cannot remove tartar from dentures or dental partials. Professional denture cleaning and polishing will eliminate most stains and tartar buildup on dentures and denture teeth. Tartar buildup on dentures can be most noticed between the denture teeth and on the sides of dentures as a vanilla colored crust. It is the same...

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    Same day denture repair is needed, when palate of denture has a crack or denture split in two. Most broken dentures can be repaired and reinforced with metal. If denture has a hairline crack or denture broken in two, or if denture is in many pieces, Denture Repair Lab can help. Broken Snap-On dentures with implant attachments repaired too. There are DIY...

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    Dental partial repair is needed when partial denture is cracked or dental partial broken in two pieces. Do not attempt to fix partial denture yourself with gorilla glue. Denture glue will damage dental partial beyond repair. Most broken dental partials can be repaired and reinforced with metal mesh for additional support. Urgent dental partial denture...

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