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Locator Insert / Implant O-Ring Replacement

To ensure longevity of your overdentures and to reduce wear on implant abutments, it is critical to perform routine maintenance on the abutments, denture attachment housings and the retention inserts. On average Locator inserts / O-Rings / Hader riders must be replaced every 12 month.  Select type of insert and quantity.

Locator Standard Range Male Retention Inserts available in

  • blue 1.5lbs retention force
  • pink 3.0lbs retention force
  • clear 5.0lbs retention force

Locator Extended Range Male Retention Inserts available in 

  • grey 0.0lbs retention force
  • red 1.0lbs retention force
  • orange 2.0lbs retention force
  • green 4.0lbs retention force

Hader Riders

  • Yellow Riders - Standard Retention 
  • Red Riders - Increased Retention

3M MDI Micro O-Ring 0351

3M MDI O-Ring 0550

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