Our Implant Denture Repair Expertise

At Denture Repair Lab, our skilled technicians specialize in fixing cracked or broken over-dentures and implant-supported dentures. We employ advanced techniques such as metal mesh or braided wires for reinforced durability. Our expertise extends to the meticulous repair of Snap-On dentures with implants, ensuring a comprehensive restoration process. From urgent issues like restoration, plate repair, hairline cracks, splits, to damage caused by pets, trust our team to address your unique repair needs.

Convenience and Affordability

Our online implant denture repair services are designed for your convenience, offering a professional and affordable solution to over-denture repairs. With a commitment to timely service, we understand the urgency of your needs and provide options for expedited shipping to suit your preferences.

Over-denture Repair Process

Experience a hassle-free over-denture repair process with Denture Repair Lab. Simply complete a straightforward order form, then send your broken implant denture along with your information (or online order confirmation) using our free USPS shipping label. Upon receiving and inspecting your overdenture, we'll promptly contact you to confirm your order and gather billing information. Your repaired overdenture will be efficiently mailed back the same day, utilizing complimentary USPS Priority Mail shipping service. For those seeking expedited service, upgrade to USPS Express for just $30. To further accelerate the turnaround time, consider sending your broken over-dentures with overnight mail to us.

Over-denture or Implant Denture Repair Cost

The pricing for over-denture restoration will be determined after a thorough inspection, taking into consideration the diverse range of implant systems and the intricacies involved in the restoration process.

Disclaimer: While Denture Repair Lab is dedicated to delivering quality dental appliance repairs, we cannot guarantee the fit of your appliance post-repair. As you are not present during repairs and oral health situations can change, we advise consulting a dental professional to ensure both fit and oral health. Our service focuses solely on repair, not oral examinations. By using our service, you agree that immediate repair is reasonable and that a licensed dentist reviews your case.

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Over-denture Repair

At Denture Repair Lab, we specialize in fixing cracked or broken over-dentures and implant-supported dentures. Our skilled technicians employ metal mesh or braided wires to reinforce repairs, ensuring durability. We also expertly handle Snap-On dentures with implants. Our online services are not only professional and convenient but also affordable. For urgent repairs, including restoration, plate repair, addressing hairline cracks, splits, or damage caused by pets, count on us!

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